Award Winning Interior Design

Uzma Curtain has been in the market of interior designing since 1980s. Sustainability for such a long period is a testament to our craft. We design our products in harmony with the modern trends. Our curtains are alluring, vinyl flooring sophisticated, rugs majestic and carpets long lasting. We are passion about what we do and home interior designing is our forte. Ø Who doesn’t prefer working in a clean, tidy and artfully furnished office space? With Uzma, you can make your office or commercial working place more appealing by subtle changes. We create the right balance of style and finesse. We are the first to introduce Wall Mural in Karachi. Now you have the option to make your place truly breathtaking by incorporating different shades of colors on your wall surface to enhance the ambiance; like a painter playing with water colors to create a masterpiece.